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Electronic Message and E-Mail Security - Messages traveling through the Internet using your Internet provider's e-mail process are subject to viewing, alteration and copying. We are not responsible for the security or confidentiality of communications you send to this Site through the Internet using the e-mail process.
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Concerning Disclosure of Non-Public Personal Information
Recently enacted legislation requires investment advisers and other financial institutions to disclose their policies and safeguards with respect to the sharing of non-public personal information of clients and investors with third parties. We wish to inform you that we do not disclose non-public personal information about you other than as described below.

In connection with our private investment funds and/or other financial services we provide to you, we collect and maintain non-public personal information about you from the following sources:

i. Information we receive from you in subscription agreements, investor questionnaires, applications or other forms;

ii. Information about transactions effected for your account; and

iii. Information about the status and value of your account.

To the extent that the SEC regulations permit, or applicable law requires, we may disclose the information we collect, as described above, in connection with processing and servicing fund and/or advised account transactions, partner financial or other reports, or for other permitted purposes to selected third parties and financial service or non-financial service providers, including:

i. Financial service providers such as broker-dealers, custodians, banks and others used to facilitate transactions on your behalf;

ii. Other service providers to the manager and/or our private funds, such as accounting or tax preparation services; and

iii. Corporate counsel in connection with the rendering of opinions and other matters in connection with our private funds.

We may also disclose non-public personal information about you if we are required to do so by other regulations or by judicial process. We do not otherwise disclose any non-public personal information about you and, as a result, there is no need to provide you with a right to "opt-out of disclosure" of your information as required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for financial institutions that disclose such information to non-affiliated third parties.

We may also disclose information you provide to us to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf, such as the Fund's placement agent(s). If such a disclosure is made, the Fund will require such third parties to treat your private information with confidentiality.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect your non-public personal information in our possession or under our control, including but not limited to social security numbers and account numbers by, among other things, limiting those with access to such information. If we decide to change our privacy policy in the future, we will notify you of the change before it becomes effective. Please be assured that we consider privacy to be fundamental to our relationship with our clients and investors.

As always, please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or comments.