Tracing its roots back to 2005, our Asia platform operates both as a conduit for regional investors seeking access to various Portfolio Advisors funds and advisory services, as well as a local resource for investing into Asian funds, secondary and co-investment opportunities. As a region, Asia continues to be an attractive prospect, exhibiting rapidly changing macroeconomic, consumption, demographic and technology trends that we believe will provide robust private equity investment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

To date, our Hong Kong-based Asia investment team has committed more than $2.3 billion to nearly 130 Asia-focused primary funds, secondary transactions and co-investments on behalf of our clients. Our regional efforts are focused on the growth equity and small- to medium-sized buyout segments, and we combine primary sector diversification across geography, vintage year and manager with extensive due diligence and deep relationships with key regional private equity fund sponsors. Meanwhile, an increasing number of mature, unrealized investments in the region is driving a growing secondary market, as investors seek liquidity for their Asian private equity positions. Our eight-person Asia team works extensively with our U.S.-based investment teams to maximize the potential of cross-platform opportunities.

Senior Members of the Asia Team

Chris Choi
Managing Director
Jonathan English
Managing Director
Head of Asia
Michael Liu
Managing Director
Weibo Xiong
Senior Vice President