As a leading primary fund investor, Portfolio Advisors frequently has the opportunity to make direct co-investments in private equity transactions alongside top-tier sponsors. According to a recent study, 80% of limited partners reported better performance from co-investments than from their traditional fund investments. At the same time, fund sponsors like to offer co-investment to their limited partners because it can provide a ready source of committed capital and increase transaction efficiency/speed. Furthermore, co-investors can be a great source of value-added experience once the transaction closes.

Benefits of Co-Investments

Our direct co-investment approach has several advantages:
  • Targeted exposure to preferred industries, terms, geographies, or managers
  • Compelling risk/return profiles
  • Enhanced access to larger deals
  • Deal sourcing across the broader Portfolio Advisors platform

Our Approach

We invest directly into profitable middle-market companies in the U.S. alongside high-quality general partner sponsors with whom we typically have longstanding relationships. These general partners often bring core domain or sector expertise. Key characteristics of our approach include the following:
  • Leveraging our Platform: We source a wide range of co-investment opportunities from our primary relationships with more than 250 general partners.
  • Dedicated Team: Our team has significant experience in sourcing and executing co-investments, and an established track record.
  • Middle-Market Emphasis: Middle-market opportunities generally have a greater demand for co-investment capital and provide greater access to company management.
  • Constructing Diversified Portfolios: We seek to create well-diversified portfolios with enhanced economics compared to typical private equity fund investments.

Senior Members of the Co-Investment Team

Adam Clemens
Managing Director
Coinvestment Equity
Kenneth Binick
Managing Director
Co-Head of Co-Investments
Benjamin Hur
Managing Director
Michael Chen
Senior Vice President