Founded in 1994, Portfolio Advisors was initially focused on private equity advisory work, and relied on results and client referrals to grow. We began to pivot in 1998, adding institutional clients and fund administration and reporting services, and we made a strategic decision to concentrate on unique products that could capitalize on our growing network of general partner relationships.

We launched our first commingled vehicle in 2000 with the goal of providing our expertise to a wider institutional audience, and added secondaries to our strategy in 2003 – the same year we expanded into real estate. With the Asia-Pacific region booming after the turn of the century, we started our first Asia-dedicated vehicle in 2006. As we continued to grow, we opened offices in Zurich and Hong Kong.

As our platform of relationships grew, so did the informational advantages inherent in tracking thousands of funds, and thus our ability to pursue a wide range of primary, secondary and co-investment opportunities on behalf of our investors. We launched our first dedicated private equity secondary fund in 2008, and expanded into credit secondaries in 2013. Later that year, we acquired the mezzanine finance business and team from Credit Suisse, adding significant direct private credit capabilities to the Portfolio Advisors platform. Dedicated to a culture of responsible investing, Portfolio Advisors became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) in 2015.

Throughout our history, Portfolio Advisors has pursued a singular goal and philosophy: provide customized private markets investment solutions to sophisticated investors around the world, with integrity, broad domain expertise, and a commitment to client service. An ethos of honest results and high quality has been honed over more than two decades in business, during which we have earned the trust of scores of global institutional investors through our dedication, professionalism and unyielding commitment to excellence.