Benefits of Private Senior Credit

Private credit activity in the middle market continues to increase as a result of changes in the regulatory landscape and the retreat of commercial banks from the sector. Portfolio Advisors has been an active investor in private credit since the firm’s inception in 1994. As evidenced by the significant shift in market share over decades, private equity sponsors have come to value the advantages that non-bank lenders have over more traditional, commercial banks. Most notable among these are the ability to develop customized financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of a borrower and the flexibility this provides sponsors as they execute on particular investment strategies for their portfolio companies.

Our Approach

Portfolio Advisors focuses on direct lending to private equity-sponsored, U.S. middle-market businesses. Our approach is built on our longstanding, deep relationships with leading private equity firms. Key tenets of our approach include:

  • Partnership: We collaborate with sponsors to develop bespoke senior debt solutions.
  • Speed and Ease of Execution: A team with decades of experience and a lean organization permit us to respond to opportunities quickly.
  • Consistency: Having a stable source of long-term capital, we are able to support sponsors by investing consistently across market cycles.
  • Flexibility: We are able to provide senior debt solutions in support of a range of transactions, including buyouts, recapitalizations and acquisitions.
  • Broad Capabilities: We can invest in term loans, delayed draw terms loans and revolving credit facilities.
  • Industry agnostic: We take a bottom-up approach to underwriting and invest across a wide range of industries and sub-sectors.

Investment Criteria

  • Company Size: Minimum EBITDA typically $7.5 million
  • Investment Size: $5 million to $30 million
  • Geography: North America

Senior Members of the Senior Credit Team

Dan Cohn-Sfetcu
Managing Director
Matthew Campbell
Senior Vice President
Muhammad Hussain
Vice President